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Andre Knight, CEO/Producer
GEM Factory Record Label

​Words cannot effectively describe the impact Tim Clay has had on my life personally since meeting him in 2019. Tim’s commitment to his own standard of excellence is inspiring to whomever he is around and he is the consummate leader. 


Donna C.
Dir of Team Development

Paul VI High School

Jason Edwards addressed our conference athletes and coaches on leadership and character building. You could have heard a pin drop as he presents himself and his ideas as the epitome of a true leader. He is strong, confident and knowledgeable in what he offers. His leadership presence leaves nothing to chance and guarantees success in those he mentors.


Keisha-Renee, CEO
K Dennis Art Studio

​"I had the honor of serving alongside Tim Clay in 2018,  what remained with me was his unyielding belief in every person to aspire to greatness. His leadership and influence still serve as inspiration to me today."


David Forman
Lead Solution Engineer


The leadership lessons I learned from Jason are directly responsible for the successes I've had in my career.  Being consistently ranked above my peers in the military led me to be heavily recruited by Fortune 100 companies upon leaving Active Duty military service.  Without Jason's mentorship, none of this success would have been possible.


Erika K., BSN, RN, CMSRN
Lieutenant, United States Navy

Jason Edwards was our senior enlisted leader for 3 of the 4 years I was a midshipman in NROTC at University of Pennsylvania. He nurtures meticulousness, self-discipline, and perseverance in those around him to meet incredibly high standards. With his perceptive eye, ever-present humor, and inimitable delivery, Mr. Edwards motivates and inspires like no one else. He certainly leads by example and empowered me to do the same as a nurse and an officer in the Navy.


Christopher S.
Airline Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor

Republic Airlines

Jason was extremely influential in my military and civilian career. He taught through example the importance of confidence, discipline, and the belief in one self. I've seen his expression of leadership work as both a student and as the teacher. I've implemented his style of teaching with my students and through that have become more than a teacher but a leader helping them focus on a desired goal.


Dr. Braxton & Shontel Cosby
Distinguished Author/Actors/Entrepreneurs

Cosby Media Productions

Tim Clay is a workhorse not a show horse. He brings a high level of focus and integrity to every project he works on.  He meets every challenge with unprecedented determination and skill to overcome any obstacle. He has dug deep into the details of running successful businesses and we know that he will continue to excel in everything that he touches.  He is also equally an amazing family man that is a wonderful example for his children and those he loves.


Darius Griffin
Marketing Manager, Base Growth and CRM

Verizon Business Group

I'm honored to write a few words about a True Leader Timothy Clay SgtMaj Ret. Tim is the epitome of leadership and it's clear within a short interaction the empathy and compassion he has for developing those around him. As a leader he encourages strategic thinking, innovation, and challenges you to action. Most importantly, he's a man of high integrity and ethical decision making while remaining firm, fair and consistent in his approach. Tim made me better not only in my profession, but as a man and I'm forever grateful to say he's a friend!


Alex L., Infantry Officer
United States Marine Corps

I've known Jason Edwards since 2008 having been trained by him at Officer Candidates School. He has constantly pushed others to achieve their goals, to do or be something great. He reminds me that 'the world is full of excuses, never allow yourself to become your own'. He is a master at identifying peoples strengths and ensuring they reach their full potential.


Tom Reese
Director of Operations

Advanced Protective Services

Timothy Clay is the embodiment of leadership. He was such a positive figure for me during my time with him in the Marine Corps. I have utilized some things that he said and did while we worked together while establishing myself in my new career path. His passion for success in others is easy to build off of.

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