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Mountain Range


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Jason grew up in upper state South Carolina and was raised predominately by a single mother. Jason’s story started as a five year old boy who was the rope in a game of tug-o-war between his mother and father. This was just the beginning of so many stories that most would consider tragic. Jason never assumed the role of victim. He chose to use all the things he's endured as fuel to push him toward success! From humble beginnings to now almost 30 years of LEADERSHIP experience in Corporate America and the Marine Corps, he looks to spread his knowledge through a comprehensive 5 day course designed to help business owners, supervisors, and managers develop into leaders others WANT to follow.

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As a a motivational speaker and mentor, Jason looks to leverage his life experiences and the lessons he learned from them in order to spread a positive message. His delivery is entertaining yet direct and keeps any crowd engaged. While Jason's desire is to inspire as many young people as possible, he is also a big hit at corporate level speaking engagements as well. If you are in need of someone to speak to and motivate a group of people, you need look no further! 

Single father to a beautiful daughter * Served 20 years in the USMC * Retired First Sergeant (E8) * Decorated Iraqi war vet * Drill Instructor 3rd Battalion, Parris Island South Carolina *  Assistant Marine Officer Instructor for UPenn, Temple and Drexel Universities  * Published author * Poet * Podcast host
Jason’s extensive experience makes him the perfect fit to speak to and motivate your employees, class, school,  professional organization, athletic team, or J/ROTC unit!  

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