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Prosperitas Leadership

Leadership is Action, Not Position


Meet The Founder

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Jason Edwards

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   “There is no better investment to be made than for us to invest in the leadership growth of an organization. Far too often we assume that people today will simply “figure it out.” That may have been true for other generations but today’s world is a different beast. I do not show up to say what people want to hear, I say what they need to hear.”


The Roots of Prosperitas Leadership

Prosperitas: Latin

Meaning: Good fortune; success


The mission of Prosperitas Leadership is to assist people in reaching their full potential by inspiring them to get out of their own way by dropping the excuses and taking action!

Strength faith focus

Who we are

Prosperitas Leadership is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and provides Leadership Development Consulting   Services that focus on assisting clients in tapping into their inner strength, increase faith, and dial in their focus in order to reach their full potential and accomplish long term success.  

"Teaching leadership through the years I have always focused on the importance of basic traits and principles. As we all mature it becomes so easy to overlook the basics. This usually happens because we become over confident in our abilities or, as some would say; we get cocky. Success in all areas of life can most often be broken down into how well one performs the basics."   - Jason Edwards (Founder)

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Keynote Speaker

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Group Workshop


One on One



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Feidler Law Firm

Jason spoke twice at a weekend long seminar consisting of jiujitsu practitioners from all walks of life. His deliberate overall message was brought to life through specific examples and mindful interactions with the audience that Jason seemed to strategically use to guide each one of us to his overall message. I was able to see and hear how those in the audience were able to translate Jason’s message as it pertains to each of our lives, our goals, and our struggles. After the first day, I couldn’t wait for Jason’s second day presentation.

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Dir of Team Development
Paul VI High School

Jason Edwards addressed our conference athletes and coaches on leadership and character building. You could have heard a pin drop as he presents himself and his ideas as the epitome of a true leader. He is strong, confident and knowledgeable in what he offers. His leadership presence leaves nothing to chance and guarantees success in those he mentors.

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